World of Feng Shui
Understanding the Different Schools

The world of feng shui has developed many different schools of feng shui, but for our modern world the intuitive approach is very timely. When Feng Shui was first developed over 5000 years ago it was based on the shape, contours, waterways and roadways of the land and how this affects a structure and the people living or working in it. For example, a mountain behind a structure is always auspicious because it is a symbol of support. It also concerned itself with architect and how chi is allowed to flow. This was known as Form School of Feng Shui and is still being practiced today.

Later in the world of feng shui came the Compass School of feng shui which is a complex style of feng shui based upon using the compass to assess the quality of Chi in the home or building. The compass was used for geomacy which derives from the I-Ching and is a form of fortune telling where the soil, rocks and sand of the building site are tossed into the air and then the ground is interpreted for patterns.

Astrological readings were also done. Prior to construction of the home the land was measured for cardinal grids that were determined to be most auspicious and then the home was positioned on the land based on these coordinates. It also takes into consideration the birthdate of the person to determine the Kau number of the occupant. This school of feng shui is based on a very strict belief system.  

The Evolution of Feng Shui Schools

Over 2000 years ago the Form and Compass Schools merged. Some practitioners believe that since our homes are no longer built on cardinal grids, that using the Form and Compass School renders the placement of the Bagua Map inaccurate.

Consider that today with enormous electromagetic interference from T.V.s, stereos, cell phone towers, electrical towers, watches, jewelry and literally the metal kitchen sink, that it is difficult to get a proper reading of the compass since the reading varies due to the electromagetic interferance.

A new twist in the world of feng shui began when feng shui was introduced to the west in the mid 1800's as the chinese immigrated to America. The Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB) was developed in the US in the mid-eighties by the Chinese Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun. This feng shui school is a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Classical Feng Shui. It is also called western feng shui. This school ushered in aligning the bagua map with the front entrance to the home instead of using the more complex compass placement of the bagua map.

Eventually from this a new school of feng shui evolved using different schools of feng shui including Black Hat Sect (BTB), the Pyramid school and the power of intent feng shui or also called intuitive feng shui.

The Modern World of Feng Shui

Intuitive feng shui is a simplified modern version introduced into the world of feng shui that uses psychology and spirituality. It is the practice of using sympbols which are familiar to the west and the far east. For example, in the far east red is considered auspicious for money, yet in the west red means a loss of money as in "being in the red" while green most represents money. So in this example, you would choose either red or green to represent color based on what makes most sense in your culture.    

Like Black Hat Sect BTB, this school of feng shui also makes it very easy to figure the bagua map in relationship to your home by aligning the map to the front entry of the structure without having to use the compass. This easy to use placement of the bagua map is very accurate. 

Intuitive feng shui is also referred to as "the inner self" as you are developing a faith and habit of referring to your own intuition. Keep in mind that true knowing comes from the heart which is where our intuition resides. Our intution is our best guide and we are being called upon to develop this aspect of ourselves since it will lead to a more peaceful world. 

It has been said that the intuitive approach to feng shui represents what is appropriate in the world of feng shui for the times we live in as we develop our concious connection to the Universe. This is as important to people in the west as it is to people in the east since we are all on this journey together. It also teaches us the power of intent.

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