Psychic Energy and Feng Shui:
The unseen energies

Psychic energy and feng shui go hand in hand since they both deal with unseen energies. A person who is psychic has the ability to access energies that aren't traditionally seen, felt or heard by people in general.

Energy is all around us and we are all connected by a grid-work of energy. We are all in the same soup so to speak as our energies travel along these universal grid-lines.

Although this language isn't spoken of in general conversation, quantum physicists are knowledgeable of these grid lines and the energies that travel along them. These scientists are also aware that information is contained within the energy because your thoughts are traveling along these grid-lines as well as the thoughts of all of the other seven billion people on the planet.

A psychic person has the ability to pick up this information. You have probably experienced this yourself. An example of this would be if you knew the phone was going to ring just before it does. Or a friend contacts you out of the blue because they had a strong feeling to do so just as you are experiencing some sort of happenstance in your life that is not positive and your energy has become burdened.

Perhaps you had a feeling about something happening somewhere in the world or some well known person came to your mind, only to go to the news of your choice and lo and behold you receive confirmation of what you were feeling and sensing.

These are just a few simple examples and I'm sure that you have had many of these instances in your life.

Other Forms of Energy

There are other forms of energy as well and this is where psychic energy and feng shui intersect with each other. In feng shui the goal is always to improve the Chi within your space whether it is an entire home, business, office or even just a room. Chi is energy that is also unseen, just as psychic energy is unseen, but can be very definitely felt.

The proof of this is when you walk into a particular space and possibly you love the feeling that you get, or perhaps you experience the opposite in that you get the feeling of being so uncomfortable that you want to run, not walk out of there.

This is the experience of feeling the energy. We all feel it all day long. All of us do. When your loved one or co-worker or someone that you know well is feeling great, you can sense it. When they are feeling down, you know it instantly without them saying a word. You can simply feel their energy. This is the connection between psychic energy and feng shui.

The Different Kinds of Psychics. Are You one of These?

There are many different kinds of psychics. That's because everyone reads the energy along the grid lines using different pathways within themselves. Just as every artist expresses their artwork in different ways.

An artist could be a canvas and oil painter, they could create artwork using charcoal, a craftsperson creates crafts, a musician or singer has emphasis on audio or perhaps they are actors and so it goes on and on into artist infinity. 

We are all psychic. Which kind of psychic are you? You could be one of these or a combinations of several of these. You could be very very good at reading the unseen energies, or you may only dabble in it. Read on to identify your style of psychic energy reading.

  • Empaths: This comes from the word empathy and means the ability to recognize the emotions of another person. 
  • Clairvoyant: To have the ability to have clairvoyance meaning "clear" and "vision". It is the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event using the ability to tap into the universal psychic energy and feng shui grid-lines.
  • Clairaudient: Again it is "clear" and "vision", but it is the gift of hearing voices that are not your own, which are feeding you important and positive information. Most likely the hearing of the voice happens silently within the person.
  • Clairsentient: The same as being an empath, but the information you receive is a feeling within your body.
  • Claircognizance: Comes from "clear" and "cognizance" meaning a person has psychic knowledge without an explanation, they just "know".
  • Medium: The ability to communicate with someone who has passed on to the other side. The very beginning history of feng shui was developed so that one could pick the most auspicious burial plots for themselves or loved ones and is still practiced in Chinese culture today.
  • Tarot readers: Tarot cards are from 18th century Europe and consist of 78 cards which when placed down in particular patterns can reveal to you an understanding of what and why you are experiencing something and the best path to proceed. A tarot reading can also give you insight into another person's mindset if they are within your sphere.

Psychic Energy and Feng Shui Readings

If you have some naturally occurring psychic energy or if you would like to develop this aspect of yourself, it's always a treat to get a psychic reading. It can give you clarity about your life, your direction in life, your wealth aspects and the future of your relationships It can spark within you your own quest to develop your psychic abilities.

I have had my own psychic abilities since I was a little girl, but I always like to get psychic readings and clarity from others. It allows me to step out of myself and see my circumstance from someone else's view point.

A psychic reading is very much like a coaching session or a counseling session all rolled into one. The secret is to find the psychic that you feel an affinity with so that you will both be on the same wavelength.

Psychic energy and feng shui seem to go together perfectly and I hope that you feel the same way as I do. I have provided availability to psychics here who are in private chat rooms. I enjoy going to various chat rooms, asking questions about the psychics talents, and generally getting to know the person by interacting with them. Some of the psychic readers are friendlier than others. It's a great way to pass time, learn something new and even meet other people who regularly meet up in the chat rooms.

I have used their services several times and have always been pleased. My father passed away recently and I was able to connect with him which was an enormous relief to me since he was able to convey to me how beautiful it was on the other side and that he was fine and safe. I know it was him because of the things he told me through the medium and his mannerisms that came through clearly.

I have received valuable insight into my website and the directions that I would like to take it. And my daughter received great information about her life as well when she used a psychic from this service.

I have left a link for you on this page so that you can try it out for yourself. In the very least it's fun to connect with people from all around the world that you normally wouldn't have the chance to connect with. And it's free if you only want to join the ongoing chats. The best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy connecting with psychic chats as much as I do.