Green Tea Benefits
Introduced by the Ancient Chinese

Green tea benefits are so numerous that it appears to be an entire body cure-all. High in antioxidants it also possess other properties that are essential to good health. 

The history of green tea dates back thousands of years to emperor Shen Nong who first discovered it. Since 2737 BC, it has been used not only as a favorite beverage in China, but also as an aide to heal any problems that occur in the body.The early Chinese users of green tea didn't know why it healed many health problems, they only knew that it restored good health.

It's only with modern science and the ability to discover it's composite that the reason behind it's healing properties have become known. Aside from drinking tea for the pure pleasure of it, it has been a vital therapeutic tool to treat illnesses and aliments with it's daily use. 

Green tea is now used world wide and there is no end in sight for it's well earned popularity. It's been studied for it's abundant health benefits and is used as part of a health regiment for not only maintaining good health but for the treatment of many illnesses. Because of it's anti-oxidant values it is also great for anti-aging.

The Many Green Tea Benefits

  • Heart disease by preventing blood clots and soothing the blood vessels
  • Cholesterol by reducing the levels of it in the blood 
  • Weight loss by increasing metabolism
  • Diabetes by regulating glucose levels
  • Alzheimer by protecting and restoring brain cells
  • Blood pressure balance is maintained
  • Sore throats, colds, tooth decay and more by destroying bacteria and viruses
  • Anxiety reduced due to it's ability to provide a relaxed mood
  • Anti-aging and good skin health due to antioxidants