Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Earth
Based on Observation:
Ancient ChineseTheory of a Flat Earth

The ancient Chinese accepted the earth being a flat geocentric and that an umbrella-like covering surrounded it which was similar to the beliefs of the Greek, East Indian, Egyptians, Norse and Germanic as well as the aboriginal people of the Americas.

The Chinese astronomers believed that heaven takes its body from the yang, so it is round and in motion, and that the earth takes its body from the Yin, so it is flat and quiescent. The brilliant astronomers of China held this unchanging belief until the Jesuit missionaries came to China  in the 17th century.  

Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit Priest, claimed the goal of the Jesuit Order was to create a one world religion by influencing all institutions of thought. Their goal I believe is not to make everyone belong to just one church, but for all churches to adhere to their cosmology and thought form. By taking over the sciences they can cut out any greater divine beliefs in the creation of earth.

Lawrence Krauss, physicist, cosmologist and foundation professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University states: "The laws of physics allow the earth to begin from nothing, so you don't need a deity"  (god or goddess)

"The scientist will increase his errors in proportion to the neglect of his perceptions and awareness" Wilhelm Reich

Only Two Schools of Thought Have Ever Existed

When you think about it there have only existed two schools of thought regarding the theory of our earth. The geocentric model of a flat earth that existed from the beginning of man, embraced by all cultures and enduring up until around 500 years ago and the heliocentric earth as a globe model which has been around a relatively short period of time. In fact up until around 100 years ago the two schools of thought were still being debated.

Right now there is a growing resurgence in the flat earth model which is being embraced by people around the entire world. I attribute this to the information age which allows anyone near a computer to be able to use calculations and scientific concepts as easily as doing a Google search and then disseminating their findings to many.

Combine this with a birthing within all people around the earth of desiring nothing less than living their authentic self and you can see the perfect storm for the crashing of the quack science of the heliocentric model in favor of the common sense geocentric model that has worked since the beginning of man's story. The first needed ingredient though is a suspension, if only for a few moments, of prejudice and fear towards the concept of a flat earth.

Observable Experiments

Dr. Samuel Rowbotham dedicated his life to teaching about the flat earth. Here is a link to his 1881 edition of his book where he lays out fifteen experiments proving that the earth is a flat surface as opposed to being a globe. 

This link will open to a content page. Then each experiment after that is reached via a link at the bottom of each page. I suggest clicking on the link twice, so that you can keep one page as a content guide and use the other link to read through the pages of the book. The experiments are from page 9 thru page 61 although there are a few more pages, other than experiments which are important to read as well.

More Observations and Experiments 

Here are some more experiments that I hope will be of help to you.

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