Feng Shui Your Bedroom:
Create great Chi in this special room

Good Bedroom Feng Shui for enhanced relationships

Feng shui your bedroom in order to create great qi/chi in the room that you spend more time in than any other room in the house.

In order for this perfect bedroom to be able to support you in restful sleep, an orderliness must prevail. It's difficult to get a good nights sleep when clothes and shoes and all kinds of things are strewn around.

Take some time to organize your bedroom, closet, drawers, shoes, clothes and all the favorite things that you keep around yourself in your bedroom.

Then on a daily basis, put things in their place. Your state of mind will be improved when there is orderliness in your bedroom.

Prepare Your Bedroom

Here are some things to help you to feng shui your bedroom

  • Organize your clothes and shoes and get things up off the floor. 
  •  Don't be afraid to rid yourself of items that you no longer use. This step is of utmost importance and must not be overlooked. 
  • Do not allow dusty furniture or dirty floors. Keep all surfaces clean and dust free.
  • Have a place for everything and be sure to put everything in it's proper place. 
  • If you have beams over the bed this must be cured since the beams can cause energy to sharply flow into your body, possibly causing disease. Find a canopy that you can put over the bed and be sure to keep it clean and free of dust. 
  • If you have a ceiling fan or chandelier in the room, hopefully it isn't over the bed. The closer they are to the foot of the bed instead of at the head of the bed the better. Consider softening these objects with crystals as a remedy.
  • If you have electrical outlets behind your bed, try to avoid using these if possible.
  • Keep your bedroom as simple as possible. No T.V.'s, stereos, gym equipment or office space should ever be in the bedroom. Televisions and computers never belong in a bedroom. The electromagnetic energy can be distracting and disturbing. The noise they create are not conducive to a good nights sleep.. They create an energy yang energy which belongs in a living room or office. 
  • Bedrooms are yin energy, means they are meant to be quiet and peaceful rooms. 

You are in your bedroom to rest, relax, sleep, dream, imagine and enjoy your loved ones. Anything other than this can be and should be done in another room of the home. To feng shui your bedroom is one of the better things you can do for yourself and family.

Some Tips to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Good Bedroom Feng Shui Creates a Perfect Bedroom

We all want our home to be a wonderful place with a great feeling to it. But there is something special about having a bedroom that feels great to be in. After all it's our special retreat. So feng shui your bedroom by adding some of these things.

  • Soothing colors are important. Avoid loud, energetic colors.
  • Use only soft lighting, and avoid overhead lighting.
  • Place things in two's, like two bed stands with a lamp on both of them.
  • Bedding must be clean and attractive.
  • Keep window covers clean and attractive.
  • Artwork is especially nice to have in a bedroom as it creates ambiance, depth, intrigue and warmth. It should be soothing, attractive pieces that are relaxing and appealing  to you.
  • Anything of beauty.
  • Candles and wonderful scents.
  • Soft furniture for relaxing if there is room for it.

Childrens Bedrooms

Children, just like adults, love to escape to their bedrooms. Their bedrooms are their sanctuary and should reflect their likes and personality. Children are creative creatures and a messy children's bedroom is a sign of creativity, so expect their rooms to be a mess.

This is just how children are. It will be up to you to help rid them of the clutter of old toys and books and school papers that they no longer have use or need for. At least twice per year go through everything with them and discard what they no longer use and reorganize what they keep. Make sure they are in on this process so they will learn from you how to let go of what's no longer needed as well as developing the good habit of organizing.

Over a short period of time, things most likely will get messy again. Don't get angry with them. They are just being kids. Just dig in and help them with their overflow problem. You will be teaching them how to be better adults by showing them how to have good bedroom feng shui.

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