Feng Shui Studio Apartment
Create Great Qi Energy in your Small Space

Feng Shui Studio Apartment

A feng shui studio apartment will need all nine sections of the bagua activated to improve your life and the flow of chi energy in your space. 

Each section of the bagua map corresponds to an aspect of your personal life. By knowing where these aspects reside on the map and how to activate the beneficial chi energy that corresponds with each aspect you will experience a difference in your life as well as a wonderful feeling within your home. The bagua map is your guide to these special areas. Because your space is just one room, it should be fairly easy to activate all the nine sections.

The first step is to make a floor plan of your apartment and then superimpose the bagua map over it so that you can see where your nine sections of the bagua map are.

Give special attention to specific areas of the bagua map where you want to make improvements in your personal or professional life. Then do your best to make some sort of delinenation of the different areas of your one-room studio home.

Your Sleeping Area

Feng Shui Studio Apartment

Your sleeping area is a very important aspect of your feng shui studio apartment. It's best to keep the sleeping area as separate from the rest of the studio apartment as possible. The process of sleeping is yin energy, which is quiet energy. Yet tv's, computers and other electronics are producing yang energy which is more active energy. If getting a sound sleep is a problem to you, then separate the electronics away from your sleeping area.

In Chinese feng shui, it's important to be in what is called the command position. In regards to a sleeping area, this means that as you lay in bed you are facing the rest of your studio and you don't have your back to the front door or any entrance where someone could enter from. This is so that you are aware of who is entering your space. This is a practical consideration because you will be safer if you know who is entering your space. 

A bed should always have a wall behind it which will give you support. Also your bed should have a headboard to give you further support. . 

Avoid having a window behind your bed as this invites your energy to escape. If it's impossible to place your bed anywhere other than against a window, then be sure that the window is covered when sleeping. 

Create Beneficial Chi Energy in Your Home

Feng Shui Studio Apartments

The whole concept of feng shui is to bring a vibrant, nurturing chi energy into your home. Learning about the five elements of energy will give you the tools you need to create a wonderful feeling space.

Great chi also helps you to manifest with more ease. To learn about the nature of chi and how to harness it and create beneficial chi energy in your feng shui studio apartment, read about the five elements of feng shui

Knowing about the five elements and where to properly place them within your bagua map, will give you guidelines to which colors, items and shapes that you will want to put in your home and where to properly place them for maximum feng shui.

More Aspects of a Feng Shui Studio Apartment

There are many  considerations to living the feng shui way in a studio apartment. Be sure to read the related page below regarding feng shui for apartments. 

Because of the small amount of space that you are living in it won't take long for you to develop beneficial chi energy that will feel great and help you to improve your life. 

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