Feng Shui Rooms:
Achieve natural flow and balance

Have you ever been in feng shui rooms? Well, if you've ever walked into a room in a home and felt peace and harmony, it's quite likely it's a feng shui room. This is a room that's designed with energy flow and balance in mind, unlike designing for appearance only.

To do a room using feng shui principals, any decor that you like may be used, from antique to ultra modern. You will use elements, colors, furniture placement and an understanding of the proper use of mirrors to expand good energy or to delete bad energy. You will also learn how to use the bagua map to align your space to the nine corners of the map.

It sounds complicated, but by taking it slowly, one room at a time, it can all be accomplished. Soon your family and friends will notice the good energy in your home.

Creating Unique Energy

Different rooms have their own unique energy. Your bedroom is calming and soothing, or maybe romantic and sensual. The kitchen is energetic and bright. Your office space will be focused on creativity and productivity, while your family room is set up for the ease of relationships and friendships.

One of the easiest ways to add to feng shui in your home is to make sure that you have fresh air and lots of natural light in every room. When possible, let fresh air in from outside and get the stale processed air out of your home. You may also want to add lots of plants that keep the air pure. Plants can also add elements to promote a sense of well being.

Natural light from windows is essential. Make the most of windows and avoid keeping drapes and blinds closed all the time. You can also change out heavy window dressings for sheers and lighter weight fabrics that allow in more natural light.

Feng Shui Rooms One at a Time

As you read through this website you will learn how to feng shui each individual room, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, entryway and even the elements essential to the front door which is the entry way of energy chi into your home. Each feng shui room will have unique characteristics like color and elements to create the desired effects. 

You will create this one room at a time. Then sit back and enjoy the wonderful space you have created before moving onto the next room. Be patient and take your time to get it right. You will get started on your feng shui mission by referring to the site map in this website and deciding which room you want to begin with. Don't forget the importance of the front door and the application of the bagua map to your home which is the first step to feng shui-ing your home.

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