Feng Shui Office
Improve Your Professional Life

Creating a feng shui office is a great way to make your work space more productive and prosperous.

Feng shui techniques are similar between your office and your home. But while a home is a sanctuary, the office is a place of productive energy and creativity.

Many offices are not designed with feng shui in mind  With a bit of proper positioning of furniture and knowledge of the feng shui bagua map and elements,  you will be pleased with what you can accomplish in your professional life.

Let There Be Light

If your office is dark and gloomy, one of the first things to do is to add some healthy energy-rich light. If at all possible, enhance the light that comes in through any windows in the office or the surrounding areas.

When no windows are available, try to switch to natural spectrum lighting that creates the same visual experience. Avoid artificial and standard types of fluorescent lightning. Proper and healthy lighting is essential in a feng shui office since it helps to uphold a healthy body and mind.

In your feng shui office you always want to be in the command position meaning that you face the door and can see who is entering your space. Sometimes it's not possible to put yourself in the command position.

If this is the case and the door opens to your back, then place a mirror in front of you so that you can see behind you and thereby you will see who is entering your space. This helps to create a secure position for you and helps to avoid any surprise visitors.

Breathe Clean Air in Your Feng Shui Office

It is very unlikely that you can control the air quality if you work in an office setting. However, a personal air purifier or room air purifier is a great idea. This device will remove debris and allergens from the air and can even remove odors and harmful airborne particles.

Having clean air in your feng shui office space creates a sense of comfort and clears the mind to be creative and productive.

Add Some Greenery

Large potted trees and plants with lots of green leaves are ideal for bringing in positive energy to your feng shui office. Having a mountain behind you is always supportive but of course impossible in an office building.

Try to position big plants with large leaves to your back  as this will be a symbol for mountains. Plants are also recognized to absorb negative energy and help to keep the air pure. You can consider a picture of a mountain behind you as well.  

If it's possible to add a small fountain, then do so. Gently moving water is always auspicious. Be sure that the water is flowing towards you and not away from you. If it's not possible to have a fountain, then a picture of pure, clean water will bring relief to your mind. 

Remove Items You No Longer Need

Remove all the file folders, odds and ends, calculators, pencils and thing-a-ma-jigs off of your desk top area. Keep it simple and clean., easy on the eye and organized. This helps to prevent you from being distracted or becoming overwhelmed with all the odds and ends that you see. 

It's easy to have an abundance of paperwork in an office. Be sure to keep your papers organized and stored for easy access. File folders which are properly labeled will help with this. Keep your computer files organized and labeled as well. Be sure to back everything up. This is awareness and is the quality of a self realized person. It is also an expression of you taking care of yourself which is very good energy when done in balance.

One of the first rules of feng shui is cleanliness. However we seldom think to clean our office. Be sure to keep your desk-top tidy, the windows around you sparkling so that there is no distortion and the floors swept and clean. Waste baskets need to be emptied regularly.

Keeping your office clean will help to bring about the balanced feeling that you are hoping to create in your feng shui office.

Get a Focus

Just like a room in a home, an office needs to have a focal point. A feng shui desk is a great place to create this focus. Consider placing an art piece or a plant on the desk top. 

If your desk faces a wall, this is not auspicious to you. If you can't change this situation, then place a picture in front of you that creates a feeling of openness, like a picture of a spacious landscaping.

A body of water  represents wealth, so consider a picture of a lake, ocean or waterfall. Be sure that the picture of water does not represent rough waters. You don't want the energy of rough waters in your office nor in your mind.

Be sure to place the bagua map over the floor plan of your office or even your desk. It's essential to apply the feng shui map to your office and to have the elements balanced.

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