Feng Shui Numbers
Help in Harnessing Your Energy

Feng shui numbers have both good and bad meanings as well as the Chinese believing that the sound of numbers determine their characteristics. 

Let's say the current address on your home reduces down to the number 4 which represents many things. On one hand it means stability and grounding so you can expect to feel very stable in your home. 

The number 4 also means short tempered. So you might experience this as arguing between members of the household. So what are you suppose to make of this? 

Recognize that the Universe is always at work helping us to create balance within our souls via our psychology by making us aware of our shortcomings deep within us. These are shortcomings that we lack awareness of. Being in a 4 house and always arguing with members of our household will make us uncomfortable and miserable. In our misery we will awaken to our deeper issues. So we become aware of our need to go deeper into the healing of our shortcomings.  This will open us up to the opportunity to heal and balance ourselves. 

The bottom line is that feng shui numbers are neither good or bad. Instead they act as an impetus to make us more balanced as a soul. Numbers and the energy they bring to us could be considered a dance of the Universe.  

The Meaning of Each Feng Shui Number

Zero: Completion, God, Alpha and Omega which means no beginning and no end, infinite.

One: A very lucky number in Chinese. It is kinglike, kind, royalty, disciplined, authoritative, strong, original, pulled to start new  beginnings, all about you and only you.

Two: The number of cooperation between two opposites like in a man and woman, queenlike, royal, attractive, everchanging, delicate, the essence of relationships and in sync with your partner. In Feng Shui cures, putting two objects together in a corner is auspicious/good.

Three: In China this number is considered to be lucky. It represents the trinity of father, son and holy ghost. It is the most spiritual of all numbers. Counseling, friendly, self-centered, disciplined, creative solutions to problems.

Four: In feng shui numbers arranging things in fours is never good. So don't display four items, make it three or five items displayed. However, since four represents stability and structure, arranging items in the shape of a square with four corners represents structure and it is auspicious. Rebellious, impulsive, short-tempered, secretive, stability, security, whole and united like a family should be.   

Five: This is a very popular number in Chinese culture as it represents the five element philosophy of fire, earth, metal, water, wood. If you require change in your life, put five items in the corner of the bagua section that corresponds to the area of your life that you want to change. Princely, entertaining, wily, intelligent, sensitive, looking forward to tomorrow, spontaneous, adventure.

Six: In Chinese, six sounds like wealth and is considered an auspicous number. Harmony, balance, settling down and creating a better standard of living, romantic, slow, sensual, sweet spoken, diplomatic, manipulative, being of service.

Seven: Sounds like "sure" in Chinese. Unexpected help, perfection, mystical, sacred, spiritual, dreamlike, intuitive, inventive, contemplative, inner strenght, spiritual enlightenment.

Eight: Sounds like "multiply" in Chinese and means attaining material wealth in the west. Always brings money. Wise, servant-like, laborious, struggling, suffering, power and control.

Nine: Considered the highest feng shui number. Any other number is actually two or more numbers put together, for example the number 10 is actually 1 and zero put together. It is the greatest of all the primary numbers because it contains the qualities of all the other numbers so it is a complete number. In China it is a favorite number representing success. Warlike, strong, rough, rustic, perfectionist, doubting, fighting, resolve old issues, completion, finished.

Embrace The Changes Numbers Bring to You 

So here you have your Feng Shui Numbers. Don't be afaid of them, instead embrace them for the wonderful changes they can bring into your life. Each number has what we consider both good and bad qualities. Be aware of the energy of each number and how they affect your life.

There are so many influences on our lives that we can't see, hear or touch. But we can learn about these unseen influences and begin to learn and grow from the relationships we have with them. Here's to your personal success and always striving to be your best.

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Feng Shui Numbers: Help in harnessing your energy


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