Feng Shui Mirror:
Represents the water element and cash flow

A feng shui mirror works effectively as a cure, but you must know the various mirrors and how and when to use them. Since a mirror is used for reflection and we can see our reflection in water, the mirror represents the element of water. 

There is the traditional mirror which is used for decorating as well as reflection. These mirrors come in various sizes, shapes and frames. Since they reflect whatever is in their view, they can enhance both good and bad energy. 

A bagua mirror in an octagon frame with a round, flat mirror. They are also referred to as a pa-kua or pakua mirror. They also reflect both good or bad energy.  

The concave mirror is hollowed inward like a bowl and allows energy to collect which is then used to your benefit as it neutralizes and absorbs negative energy. A concave mirror encourages good chi to be continually attracted into your home and is highly encouraged to use.

The convex mirror protrudes out like the surface of a ball. It is used for reversal and can be very aggressive. Negative energy is returned to the sender with force and can be harmful as it creates an endless bouncing of negative energy that keeps coming back to you rendering it counter productive to you. 

By instead using the concave mirror, you can dissolve any negative energy that you are facing without using the aggressive convex mirror.

Using Mirrors Inside the Home 

  • Concave and convex mirrors should only be used outside of the home. Do not use them within the home.
  • Energy comes through the front door to nourish the home. A mirror should never be facing the front door from inside the home as this will push the energy back outside and stop visitors from entering the home.
  • A feng shui mirror can be placed to the side of a front door.
  • Do not have extensive use of mirrors in the bedroom. A mirror should never face a bed or be hung behind a bed. If you can't avoid having a mirror facing the bed, then at night be sure to cover the mirror or block the mirror with a plant or something large that will block the reflection. It's difficult to get a good nights sleep when the mirror is facing the bed.
  • If you have closet mirror doors consider using curtains to cover the mirrors. Mirrors in the bedroom weaken energy and couples could find themselves arguing since mirrors in the bedroom represent war.
  • Feng Shui mirrors are used for expansion and to bring in good chi. If you have a narrow hallway, put a mirror in the hallway. This cure can be used wherever you want to bring an expansive feeling to a space since mirrors attract energy, add light and activate chi.
  • If your back faces the door while at your desk, then put a mirror above the desk so you can see who is entering the room.
  • In the kitchen if the stove is facing a wall and the cook has their back to the kitchen, then put mirrors above the stove so the cook can see behind themselves. This puts the cook in the command position allowing them to see who enters the room. It also expands wealth. Keep the mirror clean at all times.

Use Feng Shui Mirrors with Care

A feng shui mirror absorbs and reflects both positive and negative energy. They are powerful transmuters of energy and must be used with lots of care.

  • Allow your mirrors to reflect beautiful surroundings, thereby doubling the beauty and avoid them from reflecting anything that is not attractive.
  • Do not let a mirror reflect a toilet.
  • Having them reflect some beauty from outside is a good use of mirrors.
  • Circular mirrors represent harmony.
  • Octagons mirrors are for power.
  • Square or rectangular mirrors bring balance and strength.
  • When hanging a mirror make sure they are hung high enough so that the tallest person in the home can see their entire reflection otherwise it creates a self image that is not positive.
  • Create a balance if the smallest person can't get a full view of themselves.
  • Never use a mirror that distorts reflections as this drains the body's chi.
  • In feng shui, gently flowing water represents expansion of wealth and a mirror represents the water element. So use your feng shui mirror wisely and help the universe to help you create wealth and prosperity.  

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