Feng Shui Mirror Placement:
Be sure to reflect only the positive

Feng shui mirror placement means you will be placing your mirrors so that beauty is reflected in them which will enhance your good fortune. Mirrors are used for expansion and to bring in good chi. Remember that mirrors represent the water element and therefore the expansion of wealth. 

Place your mirrors so that beauty is reflected in them. Having them reflect some beauty from outside is a good use of mirrors. 

Flat mirrors reflect back whatever they are in view of, so if they are in view of something unattractive or negative, they will reflect this energy back. At the same time they will reflect back beauty and good chi as well. So be careful where you place a mirror.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Protection

The flat bagua mirror is used for protection. The best way to use it is to hang it in a window facing out. This will keep evil away from your home. A bagua mirror invites good fortune and has special meaning in feng shui and has been around and in use for 5000 years.

Because of the mirrors reflective quality, they are considered a water element. Picture the reflective qualities of water and then you will understand why. The LIfe Journey and Career section of the bagua map is governed by the water element. So this is an ideal section of the bagua map to place a mirror.

Other sections of the bagua map that would work well with mirrors are the Wealth and Prosperity and Family and Health sections since they are governed by wood and water is nourishing to wood, which is why we water our plants, to nourish them.  

Never hang two mirrors across from each other as this can cause confusion when seeing endless reflections. 

Mirrors in The Garden

Proper feng shui mirror placement can occur in the garden with the use of gazing balls. You must be certain that they reflect something beautiful thought. This will double the beauty and abundance of your outdoor space. So look around your garden and place your gazing ball someplace within the garden that will be able to duplicate beauty.

Since mirrors represent water, and gently flowing water is helpful in enhancing the flow of cash to you, you can see how a mirror could increase your wealth. 

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