Feng Shui Living Room:
The most diverse room of the house

A proper feng shui living room is essential to a home since the rest of the home will flow from here.This is where the family gets together to visit and build their relationships with each other. 

There are many things you and your family will be doing in this feng shui living room. You will be engaging in conversation, watching T.V. and hopefully enjoying your favorite shows together thereby sharing a bond. You will be entertaining others as they visit your home. You will be snacking and perhaps playing games on your entertainment center, enjoying a craft or even browsing your computer. It is the most diverse of all the rooms in your home.

Make a List

The first thing you will do is to apply the baqua map to your feng shui living room and determine which corner of the map the room is in and therefore which corner you will be enhancing.

At the top of the list write down the corner of the baqua map. Decide what decorative item you can bring into the room to enhance this baqua corner. For instance, if this is your relationship corner, then you might want something in two's like two statues or two matching chairs put close together. Or perhaps something pink in the room would work like two pink pillows or a pink rug or pink blanket. Learn more about the elemental items you will use in order to create great chi in each corner of your home.

Furniture, Elements and Storage

Assess your furniture and write down all the pieces that you have in the room. You will then decide if you need all the furniture on the list. If the piece is not needed, then remove it from the room as this room should be cozy and friendly, with a nice open flow to it. You don't want overcrowding to the point that the room is not comfortable to walk in. In feng shui, simplicity is always important.

Now add to the list the elements that you will be putting in the room. Since it is such a fundamental and important room of the house, pay close attention to having all the elements represented, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Go through your mind sorting the belongings you currently own that you can put in your feng shui living room to fulfill this. Now you will know if you must shop around for some elements. This list will be ongoing and may not be filled in on the first try.

Next decide what you will need for storage. Most homes have DVD's that must be stored. There might be some children's or grown up toys that need storing. Perhaps you will have some books so you will need a bookshelf for this. If you do hobbies in this room like knitting or crossword puzzles be sure to have storage for this which you keep close to your favorite seat in the room so that you will feel embraced by this room. A trunk, large or small might be convenient for playing cards, board games etc.

Best Colors to Use 

Next decide what colors you will want in this room. The wall paint should not stand out in a large way, so avoid bold colors. You want the arrangement of the furniture to be the stand out in the room since this will be inviting to both those of you who live in the home as well as visitors.

The paint color should blend in quietly and be a pleasant and quiet background to the furniture and wall accents. Warm, cozy earth tones are best. You will also be adding some colors in the way of accents. Two or more colors will be perfect for this. At this point you can even add bold colors to brighten up the room and bring some happy energy. Rugs, wall hangings or accent pieces will have some of these additional colors in them. Read about the best elemental colors to develop the best chi energy.

Living Room Rugs in your Feng Shui Living Room

Rugs are a very nice accent for a living room as they bring a grounding and secure energy which is just right for a feng shui living room since this is where your family will feel most at home. This is also the room you will be entertaining guests in. As they come in the house and see your living room their first and lasting impression will be that your home is cozy, warm and inviting and they will feel safe and happy. This is conducive to feelings of good will and lasting relationships.

Placement and Choice of Your Furniture

In your Feng Shui living room you will follow the rule of never having your back to the door. So be sure to arrange your furniture so that no ones back is to the door or window as this is an unfriendly gesture. The most perfect arrangement is when two pieces of furniture face each other. This will open the room up to friendly conversing. Your couch will be the main focus of the room. Choose something that is practical for your family. If you have young children pick a material that cleans up easily. You want your children to enjoy this room of the house and if you choose a fabric that doesn't clean up easily then you will be losing your patience with your children. They are just kids and they don't think like adults so make the right choice in fabric so that everyone can enjoy the sofa without the stress of worrying about the fabric.

If there are older children or no children then you can choose furniture that really appeals to your sense of style without having to concern yourself so much with practical, children friendly fabrics. Cover your couch with throw pillows and some pretty throw blankets. This is the time to bring in some bold colors to cheer up the room.

Nothing says cozy like wonderful pillows and throws. Try to have as many seating arrangements in the room as possible as this will create a friendly energy. Kids especially will love this since they will find their own special place to enjoy.

A coffee table is essential as this ties the room together. Do not let clutter gather on it. It is not a place for bills and mail or anything else that doesn't belong in this room. Be careful of tables with sharp edges. Round tables are better. In style right now are coffee tables that are covered in soft fabrics, so if the table is square but has a soft fabric covering this is fine. Many coffee tables also act as storage units.

Add some artwork to the wall. Bring in the colors that you love and want around you. Now you have a wonderful feng shui living room.  

Formal Living Rooms

Not all homes have two living rooms. But if your house does have a formal living room then this room will mostly be used for formal entertaining and parties so the furniture in this room should be more formal and traditional. It is not a room for the distraction or informality of televisions since this room will not be used for recreation or day to day family activities.

Just like the directions above, make your list when forming your concept of this feng shui living room. Choose seating that faces each other with an assortment of sitting arrangements so that conversation can flow between your guests. Make sure there are plenty of tables, whether end tables or small coffee tables between a seating arrangement so that guests have a place for their drinks and a plate of food without having to hold it in their hands due to a lack of table space.

The object will be to make this a comfortable space for your guests so they feel relaxed and can enjoy themselves. The fabrics will be more traditional and less of a practical nature. Accents should be very tasteful to allow the room to look and feel formal. Elegance and beauty will be the signature of this room while keeping it comfortable so that your guests will be at ease. It's a balancing act, but with some thoughtful planning you will have created the perfect feng shui living room.    

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Feng Shui Living Rooms: The most diverse room of the house


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