Feng Shui Kitchens: 
The Heart of the Home

Feng shui kitchens will optimize the best possible energy and nourishment for you and your family. The belief that the kitchen is the place of nourishment and love is not limited to just feng shui principals, but instead is a global belief based in all societies.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home you will want it to be a happy and loving place. It's important that when you are preparing food that you have good thoughts towards the foods before you, whether you are preparing a meal for just yourself or an entire family. When in the kitchen it's best to be stress-free and happy. 

This space is about happiness, joy and nourishment. I will share with you the basic placements of the kitchen, but you will bring the happiness and joy both in your attitude and in the colors and elements that you bring to this room.  

The Placement of The Feng Shui Kitchen

Hopefully your kitchen is not in the front of the home and the first room that a visitor enters when coming into the home. This is not the best placement of feng shui kitchens, but in feng shui there is a cure for everything. If this is the case, then create an eye appealing focus that is leading to another part of the home. It could be anything that is attractive and will draw the eye away. 

If the kitchen faces north this is not considered good feng shui. Hang some wind chimes or crystals towards the north entrance to remedy this.

Having a bathroom in the kitchen or close to it is not good. If this is the case, then be sure to keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down at all times. This is just good common sense since you don't want airborne germs getting into the kitchen.

If the kitchen has a back door to the outside you don't want your chi escaping out the door. Consider adding a screen door to help slow down the escaping chi.  The same is true if the front door opens to the kitchen.

Also place a fountain near the door. Water stops chi from moving and allows it to accumulate. Am aquarium will do nicely, however it has to be open at the top. Even an attrative container can act as a pond. But I emphazise attractive. In feng shui eye appeal is important.

If you simply have water in a container, be sure that it remains clean at all times. Change it often including the sides of the container to remove any scum. This is true of a fountain or aquarium as well.

I usually put a few drops of bleach in the water when I'm using only a container of water in order to help keep it clean. Add more water as soon as it evaporates. Don't neglect a water feature such as these mentioned otherwise they will do you less good and could bring bad chi if they become dirty or evaporated.

Whatever cure you do, in any part of your home, be sure to tend it like an important garden. You will get back from it what you put into it.

Placement of Appliances 

In feng shui kitchens the cook will always be in the command position meaning without their back to the door. This is a basic principle of feng shui that applies to every room. This way no one can sneak up on you and cause you harm. It also has to do with hospitality since keeping your back to people is considered rude.

  • If your stove is facing a wall which would position your back to the rest of the room while cooking, there is a simple remedy for this. Place a mirror or anything reflective above the stove so you can see behind you. Make sure the mirror is large enough, and above all, keep it clean at all times.
  •  Since the stove and microwave are fire elements, you don't want them right next to the refrigerator, dishwasher or the sink since these are all water elements and water puts out fire. If these appliances are next to each other, then put wood between them. This can be a plant or perhaps some wooden spoons in a wicker basket or even a wooden cutting board.
  • Keep the stove well lighted and ventilated to reduce stagnant Chi.
  • If you are having a home built or will be remodeling your current kitchen, consider that in a Feng Shui kitchen, the best placement of the appliances is in a triangle so that the fire and water elements aren't next to each other. Also consider putting the stove top in the center of the kitchen in a center island.
  •  When cooking, don't favor just one burner. Get into the habit of using all four burners on a rotating basis so that you can get money from multiple sources. Make sure that all the burners work evenly too. The kitchen is not only the place of nourishment, but it represents health and wealth.

Colors of The Kitchen 

As in all the rooms of your home, be sure to know which bagua corner your feng shui kitchen is in. This could help you in deciding the colors to use in your feng shui kitchens. 

  • Generally speaking, you don't want to use heavy, dark colors. These can be oppressive and a kitchen should always be happy and expansive and this is best achieved with the use of lighter, brighter colors.
  • Light yellow is always considered a good color for the kitchen and it helps with digestion.
  • White is expansive and pure which is excellent for the kitchen. If the cabinets are old and in need of being redone, consider painting them white. Another lighter color for the cabinets will work also.
  • You can add elements like vases or a large bowl of fruit in the colors of the corresponding bagua corner.

Elements to Make a Happy Kitchen

The first law in feng shui is to keep the room clean and clutter free. This is so important in feng shui kitchens. An easy way to keep your kitchen clean is by using disinfecting wipes. Keep the container in an easy to reach spot in the kitchen. Clean up is so fast with these wipes and you will be killing germs. They are fun to use and they will inspire you to clean your counter tops, cabinet doors and appliances including the refrigerator. 

As for clutter, get rid of the things you don't use, especially if you don't have the space. The kitchen is meant to be a happy and joyful place, but excess clutter on the counter tops will not help.

Take a good, hard look at your kitchen and the space that you have available. Find ways to organize your stuff in creative and pleasant ways. Today our stores have aisles of items to buy that are dedicated to organizing our lives. Study your stuff, and then see what the stores have to offer you in the way of storage items.

I personally love the use of baskets in my home and there are some wonderful baskets that will make your kitchen look warm and friendly. Adding the right elements are what is going to make a happy, friendly, loving, nourishing feng shui Kitchen.

The kitchen is a good place to put pictures of gods and images of deities to look after you and your family whether it's Jesus, Buddha or Kuan Yin. Place the image that means the most to you and which will bring you happiness when you look at it.

Getting the kitchen perfect is an ongoing process since you must clean the kitchen daily, get rid of clutter regularly and you will always find new, fun and cheerful items to put in your kitchen that will make you happy.

Be sure to have some fresh fruit, flowers, a plant or an herb garden displayed in the kitchen so you are bringing live energy to the room since the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home.

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Feng Shui Kitchens: The heart of the home


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