Feng Shui Homes: 
Well placed and carefully chosen items

The minute you walk into feng shui homes, people will immediately notice a difference. They may not be able to put their finger on just what they are drawn to, but they usually report feeling at home and relaxed in the environment. This is because the home is in harmony and all things work together in the home to create a balance.

The first thing they may notice is the lack of clutter and crowding. Well placed and carefully chosen items create the mood without overwhelming the senses. Items don't complete for attention in feng shui homes and you feel a certain ambiance in each room. The five element theory of feng shui will help you to know which items are best to choose for each corner of your home.  

Chi and The Front Door 

Chi, also sometimes spelled qi, is the energy that is found within all spaces and all things on earth. The front door in feng shui homes is a very important consideration. This is where the energy/chi enters your home. 

You will want to place the proper principals of feng shui at your front door since this is where either good or bad energy can enter. You will want to insure that good chi is entering. This way you will have good chi meandering throughout your home.

In order to establish good chi entering your home, you will want the path leading up to your home and the area around the front door to be clean and uncluttered. Please don't have anything near the door that is blocking your entry into the home in any manner, as this will block not only chi, but opportunities coming to you. So be sure that the door is unobstructed.

Having live plants or silk wreaths at the front door of your feng shui home will uplift the chi. Anything that looks welcoming is a plus. You may be a hermit and like to keep to yourself, but the front door should still be a welcoming site so you can welcome the good chi and good opportunities into your life.

As you stand at your front door, look around the neighborhood to see if there is anything pointing at you that could be sending you sharp/sha energy. There are many cures for this problem. It could be coming from a T-junction in the road or a roof line pointed right at you. This must be remedied. Go to the site map and read about feng shui mirrors. This will help you with any outdoor problems that you have.

If you live in an apartment or highrise and your front door is inside a corridor, than you have special considerations to be aware of. Be sure to go to the site map and learn more about feng shui and apartments and the front door. Since old, stale chi can be in your corridor and entering your home, this must be addressed.

The Important First Steps for Feng Shui Homes

Placing the feng shui bagua map over the floor plan of feng shui homes is essential. If you take this one step at a time it is not difficult to do. The proper placement of the bagua map will help you to create a more perfect living space.

The next step is to get rid of the clutter and to deep clean the room you are working with. You will also organize the items in this room, for instance make sure your kitchen cabinets and under your sinks are neat and organized. Be sure to organize the clothes in your closet as well as your shoes. It sounds like a mundane thing to do, but it is essential to feng shui.

Remember the old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness? Well keeping things simple, uncluttered and clean will create a better mind set for you and all the occupants of your home. Clutter and dirt are a sign of chaos. So get busy and take this very important step. Also, once your home is free of clutter and dirt, you will have to maintain it. It may not sound appealing, but it goes a long way in creating a peaceful feeling. Simple changes like getting rid of clutter and minimizing the focus pieces in your room can really change the energy flow and create an enviable feng shui home. 

You will be working with one room at a time. Each room needs to have time to settle in. Don't be in a rush. Feng shui is an art that you will always be working on, whether it's cleaning and de-cluttering, finding new and wonderful symbols to add to your space, or moving the furniture around to create the best flow of energy.

Building or Buying

If you are fortunate enough to be considering building your own home, be sure to understand the bagua map. The front door placement will be a consideration as well and you will understand this more as you study the bagua map.

If you are buying a home already built, many cures can be applied to a home to fix a feng shui problem. However, it's better to not start with problems since some problems are too burdensome to be able to fully correct. Read all that you can about feng shui before buying, this way you will recognize more easily the weak spots in a home before you buy it.

Open spaces are usually considered a hallmark of feng shui designed homes.  If you are considering putting overhead beams in your new home, be aware that they can cut into anyone sitting or sleeping beneath them. This can dramatically effect your good health. Although they are considered attractive and earthy, they simply are not good feng shui.

Ivy growing around a home looks very nice, but be aware that it has a strangling energy to it. Please avoid any vine-like plant growing on your home. On the other hand, Oleander bushes have the energetic signature that will create a happy and fun marriage. If at all possible, plant Oleander bushes on your property. If this isn't possible, perhaps you could put the bush in a large pot and keep it near your entrance. Be sure to keep it watered and thriving.

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