Feng Shui Home Office
Improve Creativity and Productivity

Feng Shui Home Office

Creating a feng shui home office  helps you to achieve a powerful energy flow that brings focus, creativity,  good luck, prosperity and the needed energy to get things done. 

A major  consideration is the location of the office in relationship to other rooms of the home. You want a definite division between your rooms of relaxation and your rooms of productivity.

A  home office should be distant from the bedroom. An office work space in the bedroom is never an option in feng shui.  The bedroom is always your personal sanctuary while an office is a creative, active energy.

Having a work space in the bedroom will not be conducive to having a peaceful bedroom and it will impact your ability to be productive in your professional pursuits.

If it's possible to have an exterior entrance to your home office it will help to create a different energy flow giving you the rest and distance you need from your work life and home life. 

Make the Office About You

One of the many good things about having a feng shui home office is that you are free to create the kind of energy that you want.

You can choose the feng shui colors that enhance the energy that you want to attract into the room. You are also free to add symbols that reflect what you want to bring to your life.

Position Your Desk in Your Feng Shui Home Office

Most home offices have a focal feature of a desk. It's important to consider where the desk is positioned in relation to the other components of the room.

A desk should never be positioned so your back is towards the door when you're seated at the desk. If this is unavoidable then position a mirror in the room so you can see who is entering your door.

Be sure your desk is not going to be positioned parallel to the frame of the door. It needs to be offset or staggered from that line. 

Try positioning your desk so that you look out towards nature through a window or place some art work that gives you an expansive look like a landscaping picture. You don't want to look towards a blank wall as this will limit your ability to attract the positive energy you desire.   

Creating Balance and Energy

The  feng shui bagua map will indicate  where the nine corners of the bagua are in your home office. Placing the specific elements in your feng shui home office will help create the energy  flow that you desire.

It can assist you to manifest greater prosperity, generate more customers or clients, enhance creative mind flow and bring good luck to you. Also see the link below to learn more about offices.

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