Feng Shui Front Door: 
Bring good chi into your home

The feng shui front door is the entrance of opportunities so embrace the principles of feng shui and keep it clutter free, inviting, organized and visibly attractive. This is the entrance of Chi. If you have done feng shui throughout your home and haven't addressed the front door, then the chi within the home may be compromised. 

First of all let's establish what is your front door. It is the main entry that was intended by the builder even if you don't use it as such.

Perhaps you enter from the garage or back or side door. If you do enter through other entrances on a regular basis, keep in mind that you may be dragging in stagnant energy to your home like when you enter from the garage.

Try to use the front entrance as much as possible, and don't make a regular habit of ignoring it since the front door creates opportunity. Work on applying feng shui principles on the other entrances to your home as steadfastly as the main intended entrance. 

Create Good Chi Coming Into Your Home 

  • The area around the feng shui front door both inside and outside must always be clean and free of clutter.
  • Keep shoes in designated storage to keep the outside energy from flowing around the home.
  • The doors must open freely with nothing behind them and no squeaking hinges.
  • The doors must be clean and freshly painted.
  • If you have a broken screen door either fix it or remove it.
  • The door handles must be shiny and bright and work properly.
  • The doorbell must work and the address numbers must be visible and easy to read at all times.
  • Outside of the door, have something pleasing to look at like a wreath, welcome sign or mat, well cared for plant, decorative outdoor chair or bench, chimes etc. The look can be an eyecatching and bold experience or more subtle if you like, it depends on your taste. But go for an appealing look and pay close attention to the cleanliness of the area.
  • You can also paint the outside of the feng shui front door in any of the colors or shades of color associated with the element. This is highly recommended. A shiny, bright painted front door is always exciting. It sets your home apart from the rest, adds intrigue and attracts the good chi you are aiming for. In China many doors are painted red since most doors face south. However it's best to match the color of your door to the element associated with the direction that your door faces. This will be a good use of the proper color element and gives you lots of bang for your buck.

The Pathway to the Front Door

Beyond your front door is the path leading to your front door. This is the path that the chi will take to your front door. This area should be clean, uncluttered and appealing to the eye as well.

The best path leading to your feng shui front door is a meandering path but this isn't always the case. A straight pathway could create sharp chi or chi moving too fast. Chi should alway meander like a slow moving river, not quickly and harshly like a white water river.

If your pathway is too staight, soften it with some plants or bushes at the front door to slow down the fast moving chi.

A windchime at the front door will also slow down the fast moving chi. The pathways leading to all of the entrances of the home must be clean, uncluttered and assistng the chi to meander to the entrance.

Grounding Your Feng Shui Front Door

There are many ways to ground your front entrance. You want this grounding so that you will have family and friends that are always there for you.

  • Potted plants can do this. But check the elements first. If the door faces north, then it's the water element so earthen pots will destroy water. In this case consider something else like a metal item since metal creates water. A metal water fountain placed to the opening side of the door would be auspicous for a North facing door which is the water element.
  •  Plants placed on both sides of your door are powerful and will enhance the good chi coming to you. Be sure that the containers you put the plants in will enhance the element of the entrance and not destroy the element. 
  • Be sure to read all about mirrors on this site so you can get some other ideas of how to protect the front entrance of your home.
  • Statues can bring grounding and a sense of protection.
  • Religous or cultural icons work well. You can choose from so many items these days like angels, budda's, animals or friendly seasonal signs.
  • Ducks are always auspicious for your feng shui front door.

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