Feng Shui for Apartments
Special Considerations 

Feng shui for apartments is similar to a home but there are a few more aspects to consider since earth chi always comes through the front door into our homes.

If however you live in a building where the main entrance to the building is on another floor than yours, then the earth chi is entering through the buildings main entry door and making it to your apartment. This can be a long climb for good, clean chi. Consider opening the window in your apartment that is close to the front door to bring in good chi for your feng shui for apartments.

A home should have a front and back door so chi can flow in the front door, circulate and flow back out again. If you don't have a back door, then be sure to open a window at least once per day for a few minutes to clear the stagnate air. You don't want this window to be directly across from the door, or the chi will escape without circulating, but off to the side of the door so the chi has a chance to meander within your home. This is basic feng shui for apartments.

Your front door should never directly face the door of another unit as this will impact communication between you and your neighbor. Plants outside your front door will help to soothe the chi. If this is not possible, then place a concave mirror outside your apartment door. 

If you live down a long hallway the chi can be killing itself trying to get to you. Place plants outside and on both sides of your door to energize the chi. If this is not practical then place a concave mirror outside your apartment door.

If your front door faces a garbage room, an elevator, utility room, emergency exits or anything not normal, then use a concave mirror on the outside of your apartment door. 

The Geography of Feng Shui for Apartments

Let's consider geography when looking at feng shui for apartments. If your home is near a body of water it can be auspicious. This would include a river, ocean, pond, fountain or even a swimming pool especially if these bodies of water are near the main entrance of a building.

Ideally a hill or mountain would be behind a home or building since this brings support. A noisy, busy street behind the building is not auspicious as this causes yang energy which is loud. The back of our home should support us and be yin energy like the female which is quiet, gentle and supportive.

If there is a loud street behind you and you can't adjust to it and you are finding it disturbing, a cure for this can be a concave mirror placed on the wall facing the disturbing street. However, and this is very important,


In other words the back of the mirror must show to you, and the reflective portion of the mirror must face the wall. You can learn more about feng shui mirrors within this site.   

Limitations of Apartment Living

When dealing with Feng Shui for apartments, sometimes the apartments living room is small. If you think the living room is smaller in relationship to the other rooms then first get rid of any furniture in the living room that you don't use so that the room won't be over furnished. Be sure to get rid of clutter. Use mirrors to expand the living room.

You are sharing energy with your neighbors. If you are renting, then over the years there may have been many tenants who have left their energy behind for you to contend with. Sage the home to clean up bad energies.

If there is parking under your building then cars coming and going can create too much chi. The exception is if the garage is underground.

However if the building is built on columns to allow for parking underneath this is not auspicious for you since the building is not well grounded.

Hopefully your apartment is not the first floor above the garage as this can cause a sense of being unstable and not grounded.

No matter where your apartment is in relation to a garage that is in the building, consider these things as sleep can be disturbed due to the lack of grounding. 

  • Place a thick rug in your bedroom in earth colors for grounding.
  •  Add decor to your apartment in earth tones for grounding.
  •  Due to gas emissions place plants or an air purifier in your home.   

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