Feng Shui Elements:
How to Add Them to Your Space

Feng Shui Elements

Feng shui elements are placed in your space as objects, colors and shapes. When these elements are in harmonic balance with each other, you will feel calmer and more adjusted to life.

They will also assist the universe to help you to manifest great things in your life. You will balance the qi/chi energy by using the five elements of:

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood  

Everything in life is made up from one of these five elements and each one of the five elements has it's own vibrational energy.

By using the correct elements you can control the energy within your space making it a smooth flowing, productive and beneficial qi/chi energy.

Objects, Colors & Shapes of Feng Shui Elements

You will use the actual object to activate the feng shui elements. Some examples are candles, pottery, wind chimes, fountains and plants. Each element also has it's own colors and shapes that you can use as well to transform the energy as needed. 


Fire Element of Feng Shui


Which Element Are You?

See Fire Element Gemstones

  • Triangle, pyramid, diamond, zigzag, serrated, pointed shapes.
  • Lamps, candles, fireplaces, lava, glass, heat, stars, sun. 
  • Reds, pinks, purple, and deep orange colors
Fire Element Colors of Feng Shui


Earth Element of Feng Shui


Which Element Are You?

See Earth Element Gemstones

  • Square, flat, horizontal shapes.
  • Crystals, stones, rocks, boulders, bricks, clay, sand, mud, powder, ash. 
  • Pottery, vases, tiles, bowls, statues or any items made from terracotta, clay, earthen ware, porcelain, plaster or china. 
  • Yellow and brown colors.
Earth Element Colors of Feng Shui
Earth Element Colors of Feng Shui


Metal Element of Feng Shui


Which Element Are You?

See Metal Element Gemstones

  • Round, oval, domed, arched, circular or spherical shapes.
  • Anything that is silver, gold, copper, bronze, brass, chrome, stainless steel, iron, rust or pewter.
  • White, silver, gold, grays, metallic or charcoal colors
Metal Element Colors of Feng Shui


Water Element of Feng Shui


Which Element Are You?

See Water Element Gemstones

  • Wavy, curved, irregular or undulating shapes. 
  • Moving water like aquariums with open tops, fountains, water-falls, mist, fish bowl with swimming fish or rain are yang energy because the water is in movement and are best suited for yang rooms like family rooms, entry ways, kitchens, dining rooms or wherever there is lots of activity. 
  • For quieter rooms like bedrooms, use water that is yin energy. This could be a bowl of clean water or a fish bowl. Or vases, statues or anything in black or blue colors. 
  • Mirrors are symbolic of water and they are yin energy. Avoid having a mirror facing a bed if you use it in a bedroom. Read more about the proper use of mirrors here.
  • Black and dark blue are the best color choices to symbolize water. After that then shades of blue.
Water Element Colors of Feng Shui


Wood/Tree Element of Feng Shui


Which Element Are You?

See Wood Element Gemstones

  • Rectangle, tall or thin shapes because they are similar to a tree.
  • Live, rooted plants represent the wood/tree element the best. 
  • Wood, wicker, bamboo, paper, rubber or wind.  
  • Any color of green.
Wood/Tree Element Colors of Feng Shui

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