Feng Shui Decorating Tips:
Create eye appeal and great chi

The goal of feng shui decorating tips is to assist you to have great energy flowing through your home so that you will be relaxed and happy and able to manifest your desires more easily as well as creating something that is pleasing to your eyes.

Whatever your decorating style is, you will use the principals of feng shui combined with your sensibilities to create a wonderful space.

My website is stocked full with many tips for you to feng shui your home or office. I will give you a little rundown here and guide you within this site so that you can get the full picture of how to feng shui your home.

Always Start With Removing Clutter

In feng shui we always start with removing clutter from the space. You won't be applying the principals of feng shui if you have stuff all around. Either discard the excess or simply find ways to store it or do a combination of both.

Having a clean space is important too, so get the sponges, cleansers, broom and mop out and start cleaning. Air your home out and bring in air purifiers if you have a home that doesn't circulate air properly. Fresh, clean air is very important to good energy within your home. When your home is clean, fresh and free of dust and clutter you can then begin to apply feng shui principals to your home.  

The Next Feng Shui Tip is to Apply the Bagua Map

Applying the bagua map to your floor plan will be the next very important step that you will take on the road to feng shui decorating tips. This is a very simple process but so important to proper feng shui because it is the foundation. So be sure to find the directions within this site for the bagua map and get going on this. It is easier than it sounds and I've made the directions clear and simple.

Each area of your bagua map must be enlivened with the corresponding elements. The five elements of feng shui correspond to nature. They are Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth.

You will match the elements to your space based on the bagua map which clearly tells you the element associated with the section. Then you will be sure to include these elements when decorating each section. You will use things such as baskets to represent wood, terra cotta pots to represent earth, water fountains to represent water, tin decorations can represent metal, and you might use a candle for the fire element. Read in greater detail on this website about how to use the elements of feng shui.

Balance the Yin and Yang

There are many principals for each individual room of the home and it's best to keep in mind yin and yang when decorating your home. Balancing the Yin and Yang is common sense.

Yin is the female energy and is quiet, feminine and passive. So consider when decorating your bedroom you will want a quiet yin energy so that sleep will come easily. This also means no high energy yang like t.v.'s and computers in the bedroom.

The living room is a yang male space. This is where the family meets and talks and plays together. So anything that will increase the energy in this room is good, like plants, aquariums, your television, wii or perhaps some music. 

A few feng shui decorating tips to be aware of is if you have heavy dark furniture in a room, the colors in the room should be light to balance the dark colors. If you have dark colors on the wall, then if the window coverings are in neutral it will create a balance of the yin and yang. 

One Room at a Time

Each one of the rooms in the home will have it's own individual feng shui decorating tips and furniture placement. Within this site are special tips for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, home offices and the front door. Be sure to read these pages.

When applying feng shui decorating tips, you will be curing one room at a time. It can't all be done at once. Do one room and sit back and observe what you've done. "Let it be" for a while before you start another room. When you cook a meal, if the food has had time to sit and cool for awhile it tastes much better. This same principal applies in feng shui. By doing one room at a time you will be letting the energies all come together and begin working together.

Within this website learn about cures, remedies and symbols and how these will be used in your home. They will provide you with key ideas about how to move forward.

Mirrors, Colors and The Front Door

Mirrors are powerful instruments that can enhance your space or wreak havoc if used improperly. The different kinds of mirrors need to be understood as well as how to use them for your highest good. Mirrors can act as a cure, they can multiply the beauty and good luck of a space and open up a small space so that energy can flow more freely.  

As far as colors go, they will vary depending on the individual room and corner of the bagua map you are working with. All of this is broken down within this site. See the site map.

The front door is where energy/chi enters from. The area outside and inside the door must have proper feng shui principles applied. The front door is where the chi is stabilized before it enters your home. Most people aren't taught to take special care with the front door, but this is an essential feng shui decorating tip and it must be adhered to.

Lamps, Plants and Furniture Placement

Lamps will raise the chi in your home and act as a cure. They will also create better chi in your home because of their very nature of being energy. Glaring lights that hurt the eye are not good feng shui. But instead lamps that give a soft glow is what you will want to have in your home. A pedestal lamp can direct chi up and sometimes it's important to do this, like when there is a bathroom on the floor above you. You will want to direct the chi up so that the bathroom chi doesn't come down into your space.

A perfect feng shui decorating tip is that plants are amazing as they will bring energy to a home and pass it on to you. But they must be nourished and kept in great condition. If a plant is dying and it cannot be saved, then it has to be removed from the home since you don't want the representative symbol of death to be in your home.

Placement of furniture is paramount as a feng shui decorating tip. As you read the other pages of this website you will get a better idea of how and when to use furniture placement, lights and plants in accordance with the bagua map.

Clear Intention Creates Greater Results

Have a very clear intention of the change you want to bring about in your life as you are working with your new found feng shui decorating tips. If you were to start a new business, you would have a business plan in place so that you would be sure to have a successful business.

In the same way, have a clear plan of what you want to accomplish in your life when you feng shui your home or office. Then you will be really pleased with your wonderful results. Know that results don't always manifest exactly the way we plan them, but they manifest in a way that makes our lives new and improved. The Universe can surprise us how it organizes our lives in greater ways than we could have imagined for ourselves.

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