Feng Shui Bedroom Tips:
Creating Loving Relationships

The bedroom is our sanctuary and these feng shui bedroom tips will help you to achieve a wonderful, peaceful, tranquil and inviting bedroom.

The bedroom is the place we retreat to in order to get some sound sleep or to escape the chaos and energy that is going on in the rest of the home or in our lives. 

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with life that you thought you would like to crawl into bed and pull the covers up over you and let the world pass you by? I sure have.

In a sense the bedroom is almost like the womb. It is our safe haven on earth. It is the place we retreat to at the end of the day in order to fall into the deepest of sleep and it's the first place we see in the morning when we open our eyes.

Keeping this in mind you can then imagine why it is so important to carefully read through these feng shui bedroom tips so that you can learn how to  create the bedroom as a soothing, peaceful, wonderfully happy space.

Make It A Reflection of Your Personal Style

Your bedroom should be a reflection of your personal taste, whether your style is shabby chic, modern, french provincial,  bohemian or any number of design styles. This is the first of your feng shui bedroom tips and is too important to disregard.

Since this room is your retreat, when you enter it you want to feel as if it's your personal sanctuary and a peaceful, safe place  no matter what else is happening to you in your personal life.  

The True Purpose of Your Bedroom

A great feng shui  bedroom tip to share with you is that the bedroom is meant for certain activities. These include sleeping, resting, love making, being with loved ones and quiet retreat. A bedroom is not meant for television viewing, to be used as an office, gym or hobby room. Or any multitude of other ideas you can come up with. 

So TV's, computers, video games, desks or other non bedroom items should not be in your bedroom. Although you may not be able to imagine your bedroom without a TV or any number of things we as modern people have in our bedroom, in time you will be able to wrap your brain around this.

It's best to remove all the electronic gadgets out of your bedroom cold turkey. This might be one of your least favorite feng shui bedroom tips, but you will easily adjust to having a bedroom free of distracting electronics. 

Create Great Energy with Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

As always in feng shui, energy flow is paramount. You should be able to walk around your bedroom without hitting your toes on the furniture. If you have a small bedroom then you must make choices to have limited amounts of furniture. Your bedroom must be able to breathe with space. Here are some other important feng shui bedroom tips:

  • De-cluttering your bedroom is the first step. I have many small things that mean a lot to me so I like to keep them. But they can't be allowed to just be out. So I buy beautiful decorator boxes and keep all my small things in them. These boxes then look great sitting around my room. Use your own personal style to help you to become organized.
  • The windows must be clean with no accumulated dirt in the window tracks. Clean windows are essential in every room of your home since looking through dirty windows can create distortion of reality.  
  • Open your windows daily if only for a few minutes. Clean,  outdoor  air is full of good chi, and creating and inviting good chi in your home is what feng shui is all about.
  • The window coverings should be clean and in good shape. If they are old and broken or ripped, get rid of them. Broken items bring broken energy. You don't want to create broken relationships, broken health, broken careers etc. Be sure you rid your home of broken items and broken energy.
  • If you have a dark covering over your windows, which don't let in sunlight,  be sure to open the coverings daily to let the sunshine in. Having a perpetual dark room can cause a dark mood. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
  • Your bed should not be facing a door or a  window otherwise your precious energy can flow right out of the home as you are sleeping. This could cause problems for a person who has delicate energy and who can ill afford to lose energy. It's difficult to restore lost energy in the body, so it's best to take care not to lose it in the first place.

The Nature of Overhead Beams 

One of my favorite feng shui bedroom tips to share is that your bed or sitting area should not be positioned  under overhead beams since beams will guide energy to slice right into your body possibly causing illness.

If your bed is indeed under beams, then either move your bed so it no longer resides under the beams or add a covering over the top of the bed so you are sleeping under an overhead cover. You can buy decorative muslin sheeting that hangs from the ceiling or make something out of any decorative material. The sturdier the material, the better it will deflect the cutting energy of the beams.

It's been said that you can paint the beams in a light, neutral color. You could try this first to see if it makes a difference. But if you can still feel the effect of the beams cutting energy then try the other solutions as well. Overhead beams are no laughing matter and they must be dealt with before they cause problems in the body. 

If your couch or chairs are under beams, then move the furniture if possible. If the entire room is filled with overhead beams, and you can't move the furniture to avoid the beams, then perhaps there is another room that you can turn into your sitting area. Or come up with a creative way of covering the beams which are directly over the sitting area. 

When people are buying homes, overhead beams are considered a wonderful decorative touch and indeed they do have a nice, earthy look to them. But before you invest in a home with beams, consider where you would put your bed, couch and any sitting areas. 

Basic Cleanliness Creates an Awesome Bedroom

An important feng shui tip that you should know is that If your home gathers odors that are not easily removed by opening windows then it's important to have an air-purifier placed strategically in your home to rid it of odors. A home should always smell clean and fresh.

Also your sheets and bedding must be cleaned weekly. Be sure to keep the floors in your bedroom clean and dirt and dust free. The space under your bed should be free of dust and objects so that the chi an meander around the room. Do not store things under the bed. These are basic feng shui bedroom tips and they amount to the foundation of feng shui.

Plants are good to have but only if you have the time to properly care for them. If you aren't good at caring for plants then heed this feng shui bedroom tip and please don't have them in your bedroom or anywhere in your home as you don't want dried up plants in your home. It's not a good symbol. Dead plants are not an energy you want around you. If you want greenery without caring for a real plant, then use silk plants, not plastic.

When choosing which plants you want around you, keep in mind that cactus are prickly and if your'e looking for love, this might not be a good choice. The symbol of prickly is not conducive to finding love.

Oleander bushes on the other hand bring lots of happiness in relationships. Since oleanders are usually not an indoor plant, the bush can be planted somewhere around the house. Or perhaps a picture of an oleander bush in your bedroom would be a good symbol for loving relationships. 

Also ivy is not a plant that you will want around your home, especially crawling up the sides of the structure since ivy has a tendency to have a strangling vibration to it.

When I met my husband I lived in a home that was lined with oleander bushes in the luscious back yard. My husband and I laughed together from sun up till sun down. Then we sold the house and moved into a charming looking house that was completely covered in ivy on the front. Our relationship became extremely strained when we lived in this home and eventually after many difficult years together we divorced. It would have been nice to have had some feng shui bedroom tips at the time.

Manifesting Great Relationships 

If you have taken the time to de-clutter and re-organize the belongings in your room and you have gotten rid of excess furniture and non-bedroom activities, now it's time to add wonderful touches to make it a special place by using these feng shui bedroom tips.

Remember that your bedroom is about relationships, whether with your partner or your children. If you have grown children and grandchildren they will love to visit with you in your bedroom since it will reflect your personality and will be a place of love, acceptance and nurturing for them. It is also about the relationship that you have with yourself, which is the most important relationship of all. 

  • Whichever feng shui bedroom tip you choose as far as decorations go should reflect love and nurturing. If you put in art work, be sure that it is serene. It should reflect love whether it's two people depicted or a wonderful landscape painting. Be sure it represents what's in your heart and what you love.
  • Lighting is very important. Be sure that the lighting is soft. This is no place for harsh lights. Make sure the lamps are attractive to you. 
  • Having bedside tables on each side of the bed says that you want love and peace in your life. Whether it's the love of a partner or the love of family and friends. If you put a lamp on one bedside table, be sure to have one on the other bedside table. The bedside tables and lamps don't have to match. Just make sure you like them and they make you happy.
  • Work with your bagua map to enhance the corner of the bagua map that your bedroom is in. Never lose sight that the bedroom is about relationships. This includes relationships with all people that come into your life from your dearest family to your co-workers and even the postman and neighbors. They many never set foot into your home, but you carry your energy with you wherever you go. So get off to the right start each day by having your bedroom reflect your inner peace.  
  • Another great feng shui tip is that you should think and speak in good, positive ways in this room as it will help to support you in so many ways.

Now that you have read these feng shui bedroom tips, be sure to put lots of thought into what you have in this room, how well you keep it clean and organized and proper placement of furniture. Soon you will be manifesting the kinds of relationships you want to have with others.

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