Feng Shui Bedroom Colors:
Choose colors that make you happy

The important thing to know about feng shui bedroom colors is what each color creates energetically and what each color means to you and how it makes you feel. Ultimately the colors you will chose will bring about the feeling that you want to create in your bedroom. .

There are basically five families of colors in feng shui which are based on the five elements of feng shui. Roughly the colors are the reds, purple and pinks of the fire element, yellow and browns of the earth element, grays and whites of the metal element, black or blue colors of water and greens of the wood element. Each one of the five elements has it's own energy and when these colors are used the energy of the element can be felt. 

Red, Pink and Peach Colors

Reds and pinks are generally thought of as the color of love and romance. This can also include burgundy, magenta and possibly orange if this is a color that makes you feel good. However red and orange represent the element of fire, so too much of these colors in the rooms of naturally fire personalities can be too much to handle if it is overdone, causing outbursts of anger. Calm people could possibly handle a room completely painted in these colors. But mostly reds and orange are best used as accent colors when choosing feng shui bedroom colors. Whether it's red sheets or a red vase or a picture with lots of red in it. Pinks can be used on the walls, but be sure to color test it. Pink can many times come out much bolder once painted on the walls than it looks to be in the paint can. So when choosing pinks it might be best to use a light pink if a bold pink would be too much for you.

If you want to create romance in your bedroom it's not necessary to paint the walls any of the colors thought of as love and romance colors. Accents of these feng shui bedroom colors, especially when placed on the bed will bring about the manifestation of romance. Fire color accents can bring about the sexual spice that you crave.

If you are single, and looking for love, then peach is a wonderful bedroom color to help you attract a partner. Peach is the energy of the peach blossom which represents luck. However, once you have found your new lover, you must remove the peach paint or peach accents to avoid your new partner from straying or leaving your life. On the other hand, if you have a partner that you no longer want in your life, then by all means smother your bedroom in peach with the intention that they leave you. Feng Shui can always be used both ways. Just be certain that this is your hearts desire before you undertake this strategy.

Blues and Greens For Bedroom Colors

Blues can be very soothing and calming if they are in warm shades. Be wary of using vibrant, loud bedroom colors. Blue is the color of the water element and it is also a color that is associated with having the blues and sadness. One accent wall painted blue is okay if you love this color. But use blue sparingly in the master bedroom. Don't forget you can use accents in blue to infuse your room with the color you love.

Mirrors also represent water, so a large mirror will satisfy the balancing of blue if your bedroom also happens to be the corner of the bagua that uses the color blue as an enhancement in your feng shui bedroom color choices. 

Green is another soothing color. It represents wood and who doesn't love wood or leaves or lush greenery. When your bedroom walls are painted green be sure to add your red and pink accents to bring about loving relationships. With soothing green walls and the abundant use of reds and pinks you have a winning combination for a perfect master bedroom color.

Brown, Beige and White

Many people find comfort in a room painted brown which is an earth element in feng shui. . But this is a personal preference since brown can be considered a heavy color. Brown is also used a lot by men or women who have a balance of male and female.

Beige and bright yellow create harmony in relationships while representing the earth element. If your walls are painted one of these colors, then go heavy on the fire accents, which are reds, purples and pinks, when creating a perfect feng shui bedroom color palette. Fire element feeds and nourishes the earth element on the element wheel. 

White is the color of metal which brings clarity and focus. Some white in your feng shui bedroom colors can be good since it will accentuate your focus on whatever you are doing in your bedroom, whether sleeping or making love. But be sure to use this as a complimentary color and not as a main bedroom color. If your walls are white and you have no intention of painting them, then be sure to cover your walls with art made of vibrant reds and pinks so your relationships will be blessed. Don't add any white accents if the walls are white. Also do not use a white bedspread as this is too much metal and can be disturbing when trying to get a good nights sleep.

Choose Colors That Will Make You Happy 

The final choice is always yours to make when choosing feng shui bedroom colors. They must be colors that you like. So search your heart and choose the colors that would make you feel happy, sexy and relaxed in your bedroom. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of your color choices. Just please your own heart when making these choices.

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