Feng Shui Bagua: 
The Elements That Govern Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bagua-Balance the Five Elements

The feng shui bagua is used as a tool to show you where to introduce the five elements of feng shui into your space in order to create a nurturing, vibrant and lucky qi/chi energy.

Hopefully by now you have learned from this website how to lay the bagua map over your floor plan to identify the nine sections of your home that correlate to important aspects of your life.

Each of these nine sections have their own qi/chi energy and now you will learn how to enliven these energies. This is an essential step in creating a wonderful new flow of energy in your home or office with the help of the feng shui bagua.

You will enliven the qi/chi energy by using the five elements of:

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood

When these elements are enlivened and balanced within your living space, you will feel calmer and more adjusted to life. It also assists the universe to help you to manifest great things in your life. 

The Elements That Govern the Feng Shui Bagua

The Elements that Govern the Feng Shui Bagua Map

In Black Hat feng shui, also called Western Style feng shui, the nine sections of the feng shui bagua map are governed by the five elements accordingly as shown in this chart. 

Within each section of the bagua you will activate and enhance the corresponding element. The goal is to have the element enlivened within the section and to reduce the strength of any pre-existing element which may be in the section as well. Read about the feng shui cycles to learn how to do this. 

It's often asked if all of the five elements should be balanced in each section and the answer to that is no. The goal is not to balance all five elements in each section, but to enliven the corresponding element as seen in the bagua map.

The Choices to Use

Knowing the objects, colors and shapes to use in order to enliven the five elements are explained on my page of feng shui elements.

The first choice of objects to use are the actual item like candles, pottery, wind chimes, fountains and live plants etc.

The second choice is the proper color that represents the element. This could be with decor items like furniture, vases, pillows, blankets, sheets, etc. Another great way to represent a particular element can be achieved by painting a wall the corresponding color or adding a picture or wall hanging in the proper color.

Adding color to a wall works especially well when the space is limited like in a studio apartment. Color is also just a great way to get the feeling of the element by bathing the room in the color of the element.

The shapes of the particular element can be used as well. If you're relying only on shapes, then make sure the size of them is in proportion to the size of the room. For example if you have a large room, like 20 x 20 feet, a 4 inch shape won't be large enough. In this example you might consider wallpaper with the proper shapes pictured on it.

Using a combination of actual objects, colors and shapes is a great way to bring the proper element into any room and you will have successfully balanced, activated and energized your feng shui bagua.

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