About Me:
Laura Rose

Since 1993 I have helped people with their healing issues by offering herbs, massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, colon hydrotherapy, nutrition and healing crystals.

Along the way I fell in love with the ancient art of feng shui. My first experience with feng shui was with a lovely french woman who knows feng shui inside and out. She did a marvelous job of helping me to feng shui both my home and therapy office. Now I'd like to help you learn about feng shui. 

It was amazing to see the reaction of family, friends and clients as they entered my home or establishment and they knew immediately that the energy had changed into something wonderful and peaceful.

Let me give you an example of the power of feng shui. At the time, I was in a relationship that I wanted to end, but I didn't want to experience any drama in ending the relationship. After spending a three day weekend doing all the remedies to my relationship corner that my feng shui advisor suggested, I sat back on the evening of the third day admiring the work I had done. Just then the phone rang. It was the man I was intending to end my relationship with.

In the course of a two minute conversation, the perfect window opened which allowed the relationship to end without so much as a spoken word, drama or finger pointing. Just like that I was out of the relationship without any messiness what-so ever. In that moment I had experienced the magic of feng shui to change the energy in my life.

Since I am an ardent information gather, over the years I have studied feng shui from many different sources. This website is a compilation of all that I've learned and am still learning about feng shui. I'm hoping that you can use this information that I've lovingly compiled so that you too can bring wonderful, desired and positive changes into your life.

Thank you,

Laura Rose