Bagua Feng Shui
Missing & Projecting Corners & Extensions 

If your bagua feng shui map has missing or projecting corners, it can wreak havoc in your life unless you recognize the problem and apply principals of feng shui to correct it. 

When there is an architectural indent in the floor plan of your structure, then you will not be able to apply all of the nine sections of the bagua to your space.

For instance, let's say you have the love and relationship corner missing, then you could be experiencing unfulfilled relationships with the people in your life or even a lack of relationships. The energy field that is missing will bring a lack in your personal or professional life.

What are Missing Corners in Bagua Feng Shui?

Bagua Feng Shui Missing Corners

As you can see in this diagram, of the nine sections of the bagua feng shui map, the love and relationship corner is missing. This would be due to the architect of the building.

This graph shows only one section missing, however there could be any number of sections missing and in any combinations. 

You could have a U-shaped home,  L-shaped home, T-shaped home, Z-shaped home or any possible configuration. The first thing you want to do is to decide if it's a missing corner or an extension.  

When there is a MISSING corner, then 1/3 or "MORE" of the length of the exterior is missing.

When there is an  EXTENSION, then "LESS" than 1/3 of the length of the exterior is missing.

I have provided several suggested remedies here so that you can correct the problem of missing corners in your bagua feng shui map.

What are Extensions?

Bagua Feng Shui Extensions

Some reasons for an extension on the outside of a structure could be a bay window, a patio or porch, or some architectural intrigue which is designed to give depth and some attractiveness to the structure.

Remember, when there is an EXTENSION, then "LESS" than 1/3 of the length of the exterior is missing.

And when there is a MISSING corner, then 1/3 or "MORE" of the length of the exterior is missing.

Extensions are considered good luck in Black Hat Feng Shui because the good energy that you are creating within the bagua section is extended.

Square Off a Missing Corner From the Exterior

Bagua Feng Shui Squared Off From the Exterior

If you have determined that you do indeed have a missing corner in your bagua feng shui map, then you can first discover if the missing corner can be squared off from the outside exterior of your structure.

There are many possibilities that  you can use to square off the missing corner. Something must be added right where the two missing sides hypothetically would meet. This will close off the missing square.

 Here are some ideas:

  • Plant a tree
  • Plant a bush or bushes
  • Any landscaping to square it off
  • Potted Plants
  • A fence
  • Statues
  • Fountain or small pond to enliven the area
  • Tile the area
  • Make a covered patio
  • A  flag pole
  • Hang a wind chime at the spot where the two imaginary sides should meet
  • Place rocks or boulders, the larger the better
  • String some lights or outdoor lanterns along both sides 
  • Lights  pointing into the area from up high, or smaller decorator lights on the ground
  • Enclose it 

Use your imagination and you will come up with just the right correction to accommodate the problem but within your budget. Remember that no matter what you choose to use to close off this missing corner, always keep your intention of the area being sufficiently squared off. Since it's not always feasible to actually square it off, you are creating the intention of it being squared off, and intention is very important in feng shui.

A missing corner is still a section of your bagua map and correlates to some aspect of your life. So you will  balance and enhance the needed element in this missing corner as you would in any other section of your bagua feng shui map. 

Square Off a Missing Corner From the Interior

Bagua Feng Shui Squared Off From the Interior

You will square off the missing corner of the bagua feng shui map from the interior of your structure if you found it impossible to square it off from the exterior. The walls that border the missing corner will be enlivened with symbols to give the intention of the missing corner. See the possible remedies:

  • Mirrors placed on both walls of the interior corner to "expand" the area
  • Wind chimes to activate the area
  • Potted plants along both walls
  • Crystals, especially when there is a window, hung on a 9 inch long red string
  • Or anything you can think of that could enliven the energy

Since the missing corner is also a  missing section of your bagua feng shui map, be sure to balance the proper element of this missing corner so that the correlating section of your life will be in balance and enlivened as well.

You will add the element as close to the missing corner as possible. The element could be something that you hang on the wall so that it is close to the missing corner or even on the floor close by like a metal lamp if metal is the required element. 

Interior Projecting Corners and Their Cures

Bagua Feng Shui Projecting Corners

When there is a sharp corner projecting into your space, it is like sharp arrows pointing at you and the sharpness must be softened to avoid the destructive energy from entering your body. It is also referred to as poisoned arrows and "sha" sharp energy.

Qi/chi/energy, is always in motion. Sometimes it moves too slowly, making it stagnant which is not desirable and sometimes it moves too quickly, which is undesirable as well . Meandering movement is the goal. As energy flows off the sharp corner of a projection, it is moving too quickly. So it winds up with a piercing motion to it. 

If someone is continually in the path of this sharp energy, for instance if every night as they lay in bed the sharp energy is entering their body, or as they work at their desk, or as they watch television each night, it can slowly but surely begin to manifest as an irritable disposition which can make you miserable and impact your ability to get the best out of your life. It can also cause problems for all members of the household since another person's bad mood affects everyone. 

If a person's energy level is compromised, or sickness or disease is already present in the body, then the effects of long term projecting sharp energy could be more debilitating. 

As you can see from the graph, a projecting sharp corner can be anywhere inside your home or any section of your bagua feng shui map. It can be caused by different circumstances. Some examples would be squared pillars, a wall that is built out and which produces a sharp edge on the corner of it, the sharp edges of a fireplace mantel etc. 

If it is rounded off, then there is no problem. It's only a problem when it's pointedly sharp. Look around your home. There are probably some sharp corners that you have never taken notice of. Be sure not to sit for long with a sharp corner pointing directly at you. 

Here are some cures for this "cutting" energy:

  • Wind Chimes hung in front of the corner to break up the sharp energy
  • Large plants in front of the sharp corner
  • A large round faceted crystal hung from the ceiling and in front of the sharp corner
  • Place a decorative screen in front of the sharp corner
  • Plaster the corner to make it round
  • Or anything else you can think of to soften it

A Work in Progress Within Your Feng Shui Bagua

The importance of correcting missing corners and projections can not be emphasized enough during the process of balancing the bagua feng shui map in your space. 

The problems that can occur in your life without these remedies being done can be holding you back in your health, finances, relationships, creativity, career, education, happiness, wise choices in life and how people view you and what they think of you. 

Visit the pages that I have provided for you in regards to the bagua feng shui map often so that you can review and re-assess the work that you have done.

As you evolve in your consciousness your understanding of feng shui will evolve with you and you will most likely want to stretch out and make even more positive improvements to the feng shui work that you have already done.   

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