Feng Shui Tips
Achieve Balance and Harmony

Feng Shui Tips

By applying specific feng shui tips, you will achieve a wonderfully balanced and harmonious energy which both uplifts and grounds you by developing great Qi/Chi energy in your space.  

Even if you are new to this wonderful art of placement, by reading the many informing and thoughtfully written pages within this site and applying the many feng shui tips, you will begin manifesting the positive changes that you desire in your life. 

When you are learning new things it can be confusing and learning about feng shui is no exception. But I've made things as uncomplicated as possible for you, including many original graphics which will help you in your understanding. 

Feng Shui Tips Within This Website

The bagua map is the starting point of black hat feng shui. Learn how to make a sketch of the bagua map and superimpose it over your floor plan. This will get you into the game, so to speak.

The bagua map can be superimposed over any shaped floor plan with these easy directions. Then learn all about missing corners, determine whether or not you have any, then learn how to make corrections to overcome them. 

After you've sketched your floor plan, you can then move onto the five elements so you can activate the energy in your space. Learning the cycles of the five elements is a cinch with the three element wheels that I've provided for you.

Get a broader grasp of the elements of feng shui, which are the main ingredients to creating great Qi/Chi energy. 

Then gain a deeper understanding of the nine bagua sections, how they effect your life and the various objects, colors and shapes that you can use to enliven the energy.

Get the Whole Picture

Feng Shui Tips

You'll be able to refine your understanding of feng shui as you learn about mirrors and their proper placement in your space. Learn about Qi/Chi energy in your office, whether it's in a professional setting or a home office. There are also feng shui tips for apartments.

The front door of your home is the mouth of Qi/Chi, so learn more about the do's and don'ts of your entry way.

Or you can break the whole process down into baby steps and just learn about feng shui room by room whether it's the kitchen, or a living room, your bathroom or the bedrooms of your home.

Within this website, you'll be able to get the whole picture of how to feng shui your home, office, apartment or just one room at a time. My wish for you is to create a wonderful new beginning in your life. I hope that the information within this website helps you to achieve your goal. 

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